Serves to better educate and prepare undergraduate and graduate students as early as their freshman year. Freshman learn about future career opportunities and the corresponding majors.  Sophomores are exposed to the importance and process of networking.  Juniors explore internship opportunities. Seniors and Graduates discuss potential career paths.  Through this program, students are provided the opportunity to engage with a featured employer and learn more about the internship/career opportunities available.  Employers are available to students throughout the day at a specified location on campus, typically starting at 9:00 am.  Additionally, employer representatives spend 10 minutes in a variety of classes (based on interested areas of study and recruitment needs). Upcoming employer visits include:​

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​​Contact Rob VanDorin​ (Associate Director - 989-774-3068)​​


Caleb Schantz: Student Coordinator​


Jack Pradel: Student Coordinator