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"Stay in the Loop with Handshake!"

Looking for your next opportunity? Explore a variety of resources to develop strategies to network/connect​with PEOPLE and discover employers and position POSTINGS. ​Once you have targeted a position or employer of interest, their website is often a great place to learn more about careers and how to apply. The method through which information is shared could depend on the size of the organization, industry and application process. ​Also, don't forget to utilize our Career Managment System ("Handshake") to stay up to date on employer information, events, jobs and internships that are sent directly to our office! Let us help you make a difference in your profession!​

​In this appointment, we can​ cover:​

Networking (Important Contacts, Events, Organizations)

CMU Resources: 
Off Campus Resources:​

Internship/Co-Op & Job Search (Employers & Postings):​

Location-Based (Search by city, state & country)​ MI examples below:

Large Search Engines
Employer Directories​
Social Media (Professional & Personal)