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"Stay in the Loop with Handshake!"

Looking for your next opportunity? Explore a variety of resources to develop strategies to network/connect​with PEOPLE and discover employers and position POSTINGS. ​Once you have targeted a position or employer of interest, their website is often a great place to learn more about careers and how to apply. The method through which information is shared could depend on the size of the organization, industry and application process. ​Also, don't forget to utilize our Career Managment System ("Handshake") to stay up to date on employer information, events, and jobs and internships/c​o-ops that are sent directly to our office! Let us help you make a difference in your profession!​

​In this appointment, we can​ cover:​

Networking (Important Contacts, Events, Organizations)

CMU Resources: 
Off Campus Resources:​

Internship/Co-Op & Job Search (Employers, Postings, Programs​):​

Location-Based (Search by city, state & country)​ MI examples below:

Large Search Engines
Employer Directories​
Social Media (Professional & Personal)