This program provides CMU students the opportunity to gain experience and network in a governmental setting. The program takes place in Lansing ​with internships available in a variety of Legislative, Executive, and special interest offices. All students, regardless of major and year, are encouraged to apply.

  • ​Internships are available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters
  • Transportation, provided by CMU, is available during the fall, spring, and summer semesters. However, availability​ is based on student need and participation numbers. 
  •  This is a tremendous opportunity for CMU students to learn the critical role government plays on campus and in our communities. 
  • Academic credit can also be obtained with approval from a faculty advisor.
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Step 1:​ Email Resume and Schedule Appointment
Call 989-774-3068

Suggested deadlines for resumes (at the latest):

Intern Fall Semester - May​ 1st

Intern Spring Semester - October 1st

Intern Summer Semester - February 1st

​​ ​Step 2:​ Research Internships
Career Services Postings
Search the Employer "Civil Service Commission":​


Sign-i​n with your Global ID and Password​

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Executive Branch
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* State Job Openings: Search "internship" for UNPAID, "student assistant​" for PAID *​
Job Interest Card (email notifications for State Job Openings)

Legislative Branch​

* EXTRA: Connect with an Internship Coordinator for the House of Reps to find a "Best Fit" Office *


Resume, Cover Letter, and Supplemental Questions to: 

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Michigan US Senators and Reps 
* Click name, then website to search for opportunites *

Additional Links​​
MI Counties​
       MI Cities, Villages & Townships​     ​    ​
       State Government Directory​
       Executive Department Directory​           
       House of Representatives Directory​           
         Senate Directory​           
          House Democratic Communications Internships​           

Step 3: Apply 
  • Utilize Career Services resources to prep your application materials and prepare for interviews
  • Incorporate CCIP into your application materials and interview
  • Apply to multiple positions of interest to find your best fit
Step 4: Keep Career Services Informed

​​​​Update Erik Simon on your progress by appointment, phone, email:

*Interests, contacted employer, applied, interview, accepted position…​*

*Questions or concerns you may have throughout the process*

Suggested deadlines for securing an internship (at the latest):

*Intern Fall Semester - Early August*

*Intern Spring Semester - Mid-Decembert*

*Intern Summer Semester - Early May​*

Additional Resources
        Information on Downtown​ Lansing           
       ​Washington, DC Opportunities: WISH Washington Center DC Internships
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