Capital City Internship Program - Testimonials and Recogntion
Where Are They Now?
We are proud that many of our former interns have since secured full-time positions in the public and private sector, or are attending top graduate programs. A few former interns are highlighted below.
  • Breanna Stadel (interned in Spring 2013) - Legislative Aide, Senator Emmons
  • Neil Parish (interned in Spring 2011) - Legislative Aide, Senator Pavlov
  • Arcelia Richardson (interned in Fall 2010) - Department Analyst, Michigan Bureau of Energy Systems
  • Tom Wilbur (interned in Fall 2010) - Digital Media Adviser, U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee 
  • Ben Greene (interned in Spring 2010) - Legislative Aide, Representative Cotter
  • Brittany Mouzourakis (interned in Summer 2009) - Penn State Law School, full-ride scholarship
  • Andrea Aquino (interned in Spring 2009) - Staff Supervisor, Kelly Services​
  • Jeff Stoutenburg (interned in Spring 2009) - Legislative Analyst, House Fiscal Agency
  • Marnie Wills (interned in Spring 2009) - Legislative Director, Representative Kowall
Quotes From Past Interns

“Thanks for the unique learning experience, and for this amazing professional & personal journey. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided me during my time at the internship. I have enjoyed every single moment of my time at the State of Michigan, working with wonderful colleagues and friends who have inspired me a lot. Even though I'm moving many miles away, I'm confident that OHR, State of Michigan, and all of you will be very close to my heart and I'm sure that we will be in contact all the time, and I wish that the State of Michigan departments will grow more and more.”  Mu'ath Alhammouri, CCIP Fall 2010 Intern, Department of Energy, Labor, and Economic Growth

"The CCIP program has left me with life changing experiences, including lasting political connections, and a job after graduation which is hard to find now a days. The program also led me to interactions with many important and influential individuals. I have had the opportunity to attend committee hearings, session, State of State address, and work on campaigns to name a few. It gave me an insight into the world of Michigan politics that neither professors nor textbooks could. Ultimately, it taught me that this arena is a world of endless opportunities."  Brittany Fizpatrick, Political Science

"The CCIP opened doors for me I never knew existed. I started out as an unpaid intern and worked up the ranks to a full-time, paid employee. Also, by interacting with legislators I learned the part of the political process not presented in textbooks. Regardless of your major or career aspirations, I highly recommend the CCIP. You never know who you may meet and where those relationships will take you."  Jeff Stoutenburg, Political Science 

“This program is one of the best opportunities you will find anywhere to get a hands-on approach to Michigan's government. The experience you gain working directly with House and Senate members will give you a definite advantage over your peers upon graduation. The knowledge you gain after this experience is transferable to any part of your life, no matter what field of study you choose. Overall, you have everything to gain by taking part in the Capital City Internship Program.”  Samantha Schleich, Political Science and Philosophy

“I have been given the privilege of sitting on the floor of the Michigan House of Representatives while watching Governor Granholm deliver her State of the State address. I have had the chance to help clerk one of the five most powerful committees in the Michigan Senate, and to sign for bills as they head to the floor of the legislature to be voted on to become laws. I have seen the process of law making up close and real, no longer just written out in a textbook.”  Dana Strong, Public Administration MSA

“I highly recommend the Capital City Internship Program. I interned right inside the Capitol Building and loved it there. Not just because it's a gorgeous place, but because that's where the Legislative Sessions are held. Being able to see the floor makes everything very real. It's entirely different from taking a tour; you actually work there.  Nou Her, International Business

“The Capital City Internship has truly been a great experience. I am an off-campus student that travels to and from Detroit two days a week. Working in a Senators office has given me knowledgeable information that will stay with me for days to come. I have been amazed to see the Senator and his staff hard at work serving the citizens of this state. I recommend that who ever has a chance to work/intern in the Senate, House or Capitol should take part. You do not know what you are missing until you have had a chance to see the State hard at work up close and personal.”  Trina Minter, Business Administration

"With a major in Personal Financial Planning, the Capital City Internship Program helped to enhance many skills that I had lacked, while making many valuable connections for my future endeavors."  Nelson Knill, Finance

"My participation as a Capital City Intern was truly a remarkable and memorable experience. The CCIP provided me with valuable tools to assist my academic credentials as a Masters student in political science. The CCIP provided me the opportunity to develop my resume and skill set as well as have experiences that could not be ascertained through at textbook or seminar. I am truly grateful for the experience provided to me from the Capital City Internship Program.”  James Garner, Masters in Political Science

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