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PHONE: 989-774-3068; FAX: 989-774-6608; E-MAIL:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Call or stop in today for a 1-1 advising appointment with a Career Coach​!​

Our Peer "Career ​Ambassadors"!

​​​​​​Julia Sher​lock:​​
Assists: Alumni (two or more years after graduation), Global Campus, Master of Science in Administration
Programs: First Impressions ​

​​Rob VanDorin: Associate Director​​
Assists: ​College of Business, College of Science & Technology, All Employers​
Programs: Employer Spotlight​ (Staff Advisor)
Erik Simon: Assistant Director ​​
Assists: ​​College of Humanities & Social & Behavioral Sciences, College of Communication & Fine Arts
​​Heather Masters: Assistant Director​​
Assists: ​College of Science & Technology​, College of Business
Programs: Mock Interview Program (Staff Advisor)
​​Elizabeth Heintzkill: Assistant Director​
Assists: College of ​Education & Human Services, College of Health Professions​
Programs: Career Development Initiatives, First Impressions​ (Staff Advisor)
Diane Prenkert:​
Administrative Support, Recruitment Services
Assists: ​Employers​, 3rd party recruiters
Programs: Alpha Kappa Psi Career Fair, Teacher Fair
​​Linda Seal: Executive Secretary​
Budget, Payroll, Administrative Functions, On-Campus Interviewing, Employers

Brandon Keene-Orton: Career Coach
1-1 Student Appointments and Presentations for all Academic Colleges

Christina Farrow: Career Coach​
1-1 Student Appointments and Presentations for all Academic Colleges

​​Kaylee Bloom: REACH Career Advisors​2014-114-001%20%20Linda%20Seal%20-Career%20Serv
Student Coordinator
​Alura Hicks: Mock Interview Program​​ 
Student Coordinator
2014-114-001%20%20Linda%20Seal%20-Career%20ServDerek Hu​mphrey: Employer Spotlight Program​ 
Student Coordinator
2014-114-001%20%20Linda%20Seal%20-Career%20ServCeleste Hay: First Impressions​ 
Student Coordinator​

Alyssa Bowman: First Impressions​ 
Student ​Coordinator​