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Launched in 2014, Handshake is now the ultimate career network for college students and alumni. The system makes it easy for any student to find the right job. Handshake has transformed the recruiting experience for students, recruiters and career centers. Founded in Houghton, Michigan by three former Michigan Tech students, Handshake is now headquartered in San Francisco, CA. Information that you find in "Handshake" is specific to CMU based on opportunities that Career Services receives directly from employers who are looking to H ire a Chip! If you have any issues with Handshake, please call our office at 989-774-3068 for assistance.

In this appointment, we can  cover:

Handshake Features that Include:

  • "Handshake" Support Center - Learn how to best utilize the system
  • "Help" dropdown menu feature once signed in
  • Scheduling A ppointments with Career Services
  • Building Your Profile
  • Job, Internship and Employer Search
  • Events, Fairs & Managing Your Calendar
  • Applying to Positions & Securing Interviews with Employers
  • Scheduling Mock Interviews
  • Career Roadmap Checklist ("Planning" Section)
  • Journaling & Taking Notes
  • CMU Career Services Resource Library (Think "Pinterest" for Career Resources)