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Walk-In Hours
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Peer-Peer Advising
 Resume and cover letter writing strategies and general career guidance
  • What to Bring: Hard copy of your resume and/or cover letter along with a job/internship description or networking event of interest. This will allow advisors to be more specific with feedback to help tailor your application materials. 
  • Class Assignment: Make sure to utilize REACH far enough in advance of the deadline (2-3 days at the latest). Advisors can fill out any paperwork needed for your class and will provide a REACH Appointment Card to verify your visit.
  • Wait Times: There are 2-3 advisors working at any given time. This will often result in wait times no longer than 5-10 minutes. However, high volumes of students may result from class assignments and upcoming events resulting in longer wait times. If we are unable to accommodate, feel free to visit on a different day, or schedule an appointment with a Career Services staff member through "Handshake".
During & After the Appointment
  • Duration: Appointments typically last between 15-20 minutes depending on questions and feedback but can go longer as needed if student numbers are low that day.
  • Purpose: The goal of REACH is to empower students to make their own decisions on how to best craft their application materials. Advisors will provide tips and strategies utilizing our CAREER GUIDE, but it is ultimately up to the visiting student to decide what will work best within their area of study and industry based on the conversation.
  • Follow-Up: Make sure to follow-up with REACH as you continue to develop your documents and feel free to schedule an appointment with a Career Coach through "Handshake".  Since our program focuses more on strategies for resumes and cover letters, we recommend visiting a Writing Center on campus for help with additional editing, grammar, and effective writing strategies. 
 Nate Swanson: Coordinator

Erik Simon: Staff Advisor

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