The following quotes are from CMU employers about how students should engage in campus activities and present their experiences in a job search.

"Leadership skills definitely would put you at the top of the pack. Showing that you genuinely took the time in college to make sure that you got everything out of it."

"If you didn't play athletics or you weren't part of an org, what else did you do? Did you work? Did you pay for school? Did you do these other things that help set you apart from others?" 

"You can have a 3.9 GPA but if another person, who has a 3.0 GPA... [has] their resume tells a story and it shows that they're a hard's gonna be person A over the 3.9 [GPA] candidate." 

"I'd much rather prefer to see an [involvement] on their resume where they were in a leadership role versus having three where they're just a member." 

Quotes pulled from research interview transcripts. All recruiters interviewed were from national, for-profit businesses with the fields of healthcare, automotive, and franchise management being represented. Names and other identifiers removed in compliance with Institutional Review Board confidentiality procedures.