Below is information about co-curricular involvement and a curriculum to help guide your student's first-year journey.

Understanding Co-Curricular Involvement

Taking extracurricular activities to the next level, co-curricular experiences are programs that are outside of the classroom but are intentionally designed to contribute to student learning by allowing them to gain skills and reach institution goals and outcomes. Examples include programming provided through student services departments such as Office of Student Activities & Involvements, Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute, Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center, Center for Inclusion and Diversity, and more.

Co-Curricular Curriculum

To build off the momentum of research findings, CMU is piloting a Co-Curricular Curriculum. This curriculum is aimed at providing students with guided opportunities to begin exploring their leadership at CMU. Students are encouraged to attend as many programs as their schedule and time can allow. Students are then encouraged to reflect on their experiences to develop a deeper understanding of their learning and how this learning can be applied to future careers. Based on this pilot year, CMU will release a wide curriculum to all students during the 2019-2020 academic year.