Meet Betty Wagner. And if you need to, call her.

Wagner is assistant director of Parent Services, a new office at CMU designed just for parents and families. She’s here for you.

“I’m a bridge between the parents and the university,” Wagner says. “If you have a question and you don’t know who to call, I’m a good first step.”

You name it, Betty knows it. Roommate troubles. Billing statements. How to send a care package. Where to get a bike tire repaired.

If she doesn’t have the answer, she’ll know who does.

Has she ever been stumped?

“Not yet,” she says cheerfully. “I’ve been here 31 years.” Wagner was director of Admissions before heading up Parent Services, often fielding parent questions.

Her own daughter, Julia, attends CMU, studying communication disorders.

“It helps me to deal with parents’ questions, having been through this myself,” she says.

She calls this new parent website “a constant referral source for parents.” Visit it for tips, stories, calendar information and links to other CMU departments.

Wagner wants to partner with parents and families to support students’ academic success and personal development. One of her goals is to keep parents and families connected to their CMU students and the university.

How much should parents be involved with their son’s or daughter’s college life?

“It depends on the child,” Wagner says. “Find out how much involvement your child wants you to have. It’s important to communicate with them, via text or email. And send snail mail letters — all students enjoy getting those. Come for visits, when appropriate.

“The right mix depends on the child,” she says. “But it’s always important to have the support of your family in the background. Students need to know that they’re out on their own, but they can lean on their family when needed.”

Call Betty at 989-774-1003 or email her at