Funny what happens to a residence hall room over the course of a school year.

Hey, where did I put those bed springs?

Does anybody remember where the desk is supposed to go?

Why do I have so much bathroom cleaner left over?

Ewwww, the bathroom. Oh, that's why...

Residence halls close for the semester on May 10 at 6 p.m.

As students and their families prepare to leave campus for the summer, here are some tips on making a smooth getaway.

Put everything back exactly the way you found it. There's actually a weekend set aside for this.

Residence Life Order Weekend is Saturday, May 3 and Sunday, May 4.

Order Weekend is the time when all residence hall rooms need to be put back as they were in August before students moved in.

Lofts need to be taken down, couches moved out, beds put back together, bed springs put back into correct position, carpet taken up, bathrooms cleaned, desks put back in the original location, and any stickers or glow-in-the-dark paint removed from walls, furniture and doors.

Procrastinators, take note: There's timing involved here.

"Some students say, 'Oh, I'll just wait until the day I move out,' but there are reasons to do it during Order Weekend," says Luanne Goffnett, residence hall director for Barnes and Robinson halls. "If you have problems putting your bed together, maintenance staff are around then to help."

Putting things in order before final exams also helps reduce the amount of noise and stress during exam week, Goffnett says.

If the room isn't back in order by May 4, students have to wait until May 9 to begin the process.                   

Note: students have to check out with a residence hall staff member before leaving. That process will go smoother if they sign up for an appointment ahead of time.