The Parents Fund: Moms and dads donate to create a safer, better campus

Parents of CMU students have been donating for years to a fund that makes the CMU campus a safer, better place.

“The Parents Fund provides money for things that go above and beyond, that normal funding is not set aside for,” says Bryan Griffin, director of annual giving for CMU.

Among the programs funded:

  • The Take Care initiative. Through Take Care, students are encouraged to observe what’s going on around them, notice potentially dangerous or serious situations, and take action to help. Too often, people worry they’ll do the wrong thing if they get involved in another person’s problem, so they become bystanders. Take Care encourages CMU students to look out for and help each other.
  • Safe Rides. Students uneasy about walking alone on campus at night can call Safe Rides. Two student employees will arrive in a vehicle to provide free safety escorts on campus between 6 p.m. and 2 a.m. Students just call 774-HELP.

The Parents Fund also funds speakers, information on responsible tailgating and other projects.

“Most of it involves safety and enhancing campus life,” Griffin says. “It’s a good fit. What are parents worried about most? That their kids are safe.”

Last year the fund raised $87,161 from 1,798 donors. Students working in the CMU call center make the phone calls asking for donations.

“Parents are some of our best donors,” Griffin says. “Parents are often so proud of their kids that CMU becomes more important to them than where they went to school themselves.”

“This is helping students on campus with things that might not be provided if we didn't have the Parents Fund,” Griffin says.

If you’d like to donate to the Parents Fund, click here​, then type “parents” in the search box.