​​The big sleepover called Siblings Weekend was a huge success. But there wasn't much sleeping. Too much to do.​

The beloved event, in its 51st year, is the largest event at CMU, drawing more than 2,000 excited kids to campus each year.

"It's great to be able to spend a weekend with your big brother or sister," says Damon Brown, director of the office of student activities and involvement. "The siblings are on cloud nine the whole time, and the CMU students are on cloud nine — until about midnight Saturday night." He laughs.  "Then they're exhausted because they haven't slept in two nights.

"There's a whole different energy on campus," Brown says.  "There's a vibe of newness and excitement. The students are excited to show their sibs around campus and the sibs are excited to be away from home. They're all wide-eyed. It's like a big sleepover for them."

A sleepover with a million things to do.

A highlight was the Saturday afternoon carnival at the Student Activities Center, with inflatables, interactive games, crafts, bowling and video game stations all over the place.

Sibs enjoyed the pool tables, basketball gyms, and the fitness center at the SAC. They played glow bowling and laser tag, swam, took in movies, crafts, game shows, dance clinics, and an all-you-can eat pancake breakfast.

The final event, Club Bovee, transformed the Bovee University Center into a bustling club, with a deejay in the rotunda, a kids' casino, bingo and an ice cream sundae bar.

"There's something for everybody, no matter what their age is," Brown says. "It's a great time. And it's a great opportunity for CMU students to connect with their sibs. When they go off to college, those relationships get a little separated."

Turns out the weekend is a great recruiting tool, too, Brown says. Lots of CMU students report they were once a visitor to Siblings Weekend -- and decided to come back to be a Chippewa for real.

"It's a great way to get a taste of that Chippewa spirit," he says.

If you missed it, don't worry — there's another one next year.