CMU Facebook

​Haven't checked in with us recently on social media?

Here's a bit of what you've missed:

  • On Facebook: Photos celebrating campus as a winter wonderland. News that a Central alum will appear in the new Broadway production of Les Miserables in March.
  • On Instagram: A vintage photo of the CM LIFE newspaper office from 1977. Scenic photos of campus.
  • On Tumblr: See students building their craft for the Cardboard Boat Race. Learn about a student's personal mission to run 100 races in a year to spread awareness for Alzheimer's disease in honor of his grandmother.
  • On Twitter: CMU announces it will become one of 800 tobacco-free colleges and universities across the country. A $6 million increase in financial aid will award 800 more incoming high-achieving freshmen.
  • On YouTube: Take a student guided tour of a residence hall room. Get a peek at the CMU tunnels.

You get the idea. You might be far away, but social med​ia will bring you an up close and personal view of campus.

"Parents who want to know what's happening on campus can connect with us on social media. It's a way to stay in touch with your student," says Rachel Esterline Perkins, associate director of public relations and social media.

"There are a lot of fun things happening at CMU. We post photo galleries of events, speakers and sporting events," Perkins says. "It gives families an idea of ho  Uw much fun their student is having."

Join a conversation on Twitter and hear what students are saying about CMU.

Browse student photos on Tumblr for a glimpse of life as a Chippewa.

"Social media is a conversation starter between parents and students," Perkins says. "You might see your student in one of our photo galleries, which is really fun."

Use social media to communicate with people on campus, Perkins says. "If parents have questions, they can ask us on Facebook or send us a tweet."

A mom recently sent a Facebook message with a question about a care package she had sent her son, but didn't know who to contact. Perkins connected her with Residence Life to get her question answered.

"We want to engage with you," Perkins says. "Our audience isn't just students. It's alumni, community members, parents."

"Feel free to comment — despite what your student might say," Perkins says. "Your daughter might tell you otherwise, but it's OK to comment, "I'm so proud of my CMU student" if you see a photo of your son or daughter on our Facebook page."

Check out YouTube —  where you'll find clips from recent games, profiles of students, a marriage proposal caught during Homecoming, a time​-lapse video of Central students on the football field forming a giant C.

Perkins' goal is to give a glimpse of the CMU she loves.

"This is a great place to live and learn," she says. "Come check us out." 

Here's how: