​If your business is just getting started, if you have a concept you're looking to turn into a new venture, or if an established business is looking to grow, CMU can be a critical resource. Our experts can help you navigate the path ahead for your business.

Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship

The Isabella Bank Institute for Entrepreneurship, alongside the College of Business Administration'sentrepreneurship department, provides tools for emerging entrepreneurs to gain practical experience in the startup and small business worlds. We can connect you with talented students looking to develop startups.

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CMU Research Corp.

If you’re looking to turn an idea into a business or want to grow an established business, CMURC is where you want to go. CMURC is focused on accelerating your business through support services, such as:

  • Structured program offerings
  • Business consulting
  • Market research
  • Facilitated connections
  • Crowdfunding platforms
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