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​The Michigan Judicial​ Branch​ includes the Supreme Court, the highest court in the state, which hears cases appealed to it from the Court of Appeals. In addition to its judicial duties, the Supreme Court is responsible for the general administrative supervision of all courts in the state. The Supreme Court also establishes rules for practice and procedure in all courts. The Supreme Court consists of seven justices: the chief justice and six associate justices. This branch can provide beneficial experiential learning for pre-law students​ as well as any other student interested in this line of work. The Supreme Court, and the many courts it supports, also look outside of law for help in areas such as technology, human resources and several other career categories.


The "Employment Opportunities Job Board"​ located on the "One Court of Justice" website lists part-time and full-time employment as well as internships. If you have questions about listings and opportunities, make sure to connect directly: MIcourtpostings@courts.mi.gov​

Career Services also connects with a variety of other professionals in the law field outside of the Judicial Branch. Make sure to ​inquire about opportunities during your appointment. One office that has hosted several interns throughout our program's history is the RWC Advocacy Group​. ​

Employment Opportunities Job Board

RWC Advocacy Group