Deciding on furthering your education can be a difficult decision. There are many factors that weigh into pursuing a graduate/masters level degree or certifications. These can include your interests, skills, career aspirations, time commitment, and financial situation. 

Deciding on Continuing Your Education:

Consider furthering your education if...

  • You discover that many of the positions you are interested in recommend further education.
  • You want to develop experience in a particular subject or field to maximize your future earning potential and opportunities for career advancement.
  • You have been awarded grants, fellowships, scholarships, or assistantships that will help pay for your education.
Consider re-evaluating continuing your education if...

  • You are solely trying to delay your entry into the “real world” with bills and added responsibilities.
  • You are unsure about your future career goals and would like to get some real-world experience before potentially investing money into a program.
  • The program prefers work experience before admission.
  • You cannot afford to pay for the program and you haven’t applied for any scholarships, assistantships, or funding support.

If you decide not to go right away but may want to eventually...

  • Identify your true strengths, interests, and values to discover the best program for you.
  • Talk to faculty, friends, and family who have gone to graduate school and get perspectives about the differences between undergraduate and graduate education.
  • Prepare to sign up for required admissions tests.
  • Research graduate schools to help find a good match and apply to schools of interest.
  • Investigate the admissions process and the current student body profile of your targeted schools to evaluate your probability for admissions.