The CMU Career Development Center offers our Employer Spotlight Program to those looking to do more in-depth recruiting here on campus. The Employer Spotlight Program serves to better educate and prepare undergraduate and graduate students as early as their freshman year. Freshmen learn about future career opportunities and the corresponding majors.  Sophomores are exposed to the importance and process of networking.  Juniors explore internship opportunities.  Seniors and Graduates discuss potential career paths.  Through this program, students are provided the opportunity to engage with a featured employer and learn more about the internship/career opportunities available. 

The Employer Spotlight Program gives employers the ability to get into the classrooms of the major(s) and programs that they are looking to recruit from.  At the same time, the employer will have a booth set up in the lobby of the building they are visiting in order to maximize their face time with students.  View an example schedule HERE.

Employer Spotlight Cost : $300

Spring 2019

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Spotlights Begin: January 27, 2020

Spotlights Conclude: April 17, 3030

Please contact Shelby Stine with any questions you may have:

Assistant Director/Employer Relations - / 989-774-3418