Knowing your personality type through the MBTI can help you with career planning at every stage: from your choices of subjects and majors in school to choosing your first career, to advancing in your organization or changing careers later in life!  Results are given as a four-letter code; ESTJ for example.  It has become the most researched, respected, and widely used personality inventory, and has many applications including career choice and development!


Assessment results are NOT AVAILABLE online, for printing or viewing, after completing the assessments

Class Assignment: Results will be given back to you in class and a Career Services staff member will present on how to assess your results. You will also have the option to set up a 1-1 appointment with a Career Services Assistant Director or Career Coach to discuss your results.

Self-Initiated: You will be notified when your results have been recieved in the Career Development Center. At that time, you will be directed to set-up a 1-1 appointment with a Career Services Assistant Director to go over your results.

The Official MBTI career assessment ($15 Charged to student account):

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Contact Career Services at 989-774-3068 or careers@cmich.edu