The CMU Career Development Center offers Handshake as a resource for students to view job and internship opportunities. Although we make every effort to vet employers and jobs in Handshake, we cannot guarantee their legitimacy. In the event that you come across a fraudulent employer or posting, we encourage you to contact Handshake and the Career Development Center.


The University does not endorse or recommend employers, and a posting does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. Students maintain responsibility for their relationships formed through Handshake, and are advised to use common sense and caution when applying for or accepting any position.


When communicating with an employer or searching for a job, be on the lookout for the following "Red Flag" situations. If you encounter a "Red Flag" situation or any other concerning behavior with an employer, notify the Career Development Center immediately.


  • Makes an offer for a position without ever interacting/interviewing you

  • Offers a large sum of money for minimal work – seems too good to be true

  • Offers payment before you do any work or sends you compensation unexpectedly

  • Requests for you to make a payment upfront via transfer/wire money, money order, or courier

  • Requests your personal information – social security number, credit card information, bank account number, copies of your license, passport, photograph, or other personal documents

  • Postings lack all or some of the following information: company name, address, contact information, telephone number, domain email address, etc.

  • Postings contain spelling and grammatical errors

  • Company website does not have a clear description of the business, contact information, or job descriptions

If you suspect a company or job posting is fraudulent, be sure to proceed with caution. Do not provide any personal information and do not click on any links. End all communications with the company immediately and contact the Career Development Center by phone at 989-774-3068 or by email at