​​​​​Local Substitute Teaching Resources
Information about substitute/guest teaching in other districts can be found on individual​ school and district homepages; use the "Links to school districts..." information under the Michigan Job Search heading below.
​​Just like the resume and cover letter, a portfolio is a personal document.  There isn't a "right" or "wrong" format, but there are some general guidelines for building and developing content in an organized manner. Most job seekers will have a paper and electronic (Mahara) portfolio for use during the job search process.
  • ​CMU's E-Portfolio (Mahara) website​ | Mahara documentation​
  • Additional information regarding format and content can be found by searching for "teacher education portfolio" online.
Resumes (with a cover letter) get you an interview; an interview gets you the position!  Your documents can be perfect and your academics untouchable, but if you can't communicate effectively and convey your experiences in an interview situation you won't get an offer
  • Tips for interviewing at a teacher fair (Additional career fair tips and suggestions can be found by searching online for "teacher fair tips")
  • Sample teacher interview questions (Additional questions and interview information can be found by searching online for "teacher interview sample questions")
  • ​"Practice" interviewing with host teachers, administrators, and your Student Teaching Coordinator
Michigan Job Search Resources
Out-of-State Job Search and Certification Resources
A valid Michigan teacher certificate is "good" in any other state!  However, each state will have specific requirements​ for "out-of-state" certification, there are no "across the board rules" for every state.  In ​addition, search online for "teacher fairs" in targeted states and college/university career services or teacher education departments additional job search resources.​​ 
  • PRAXIS information (Some states require national teaching and subject area tests.  Before registering for any test(s), research)
  • Links to job search resources, certification information and school districts​​​​ the requirements as there may be a testing waiver
  • American Association for Employment in Education's 2011 Supply & Demand Executive​ Survey
International Job Search Resources​
These resources are not for those seeking to teach English in another country.  They are intended for those who wish to become a certified teacher in another country, or teach at schools which recognize a valid teaching certificate obtained in the United States.  In addition to the resources below, you can search online for "out of country certification" for your target countries.
Other Considerations
  • ​Keep in contact with faculty from your content area(s) and your University Student Teaching Coordinator throughout your job search.  ​Often, they are contacted directly by employers seeking a direct line to and recommendations for candidates
  • Network with others in your building/district during all teaching experiences.  ​Teachers, administrators, parents and students talk to their peers and colleagues