Arab American Heritage Month

Arab American Hertiage Month

“Beginning in the 90’s, Arab American heritage was celebrated sporadically. It wasn’t until 2017 when US Congress women Debbie Dingell (D-MI) issued a congressional resolution that April was officially recognized as Arab American Heritage Month.” (

“The Arab world includes 22 countries stretching from North Africa in the west to the Arabian Gulf in the east. Arabs are ethnically, religiously, and politically diverse but descend from a common linguistic and cultural heritage.” (

“Today there are over 3.5 million Arab Americans in the US. According to the US census, Michigan’s Arab American population increased more than 65% between 1990-2000. 66% of the community identifies with Lebanese or Iraqi/Chaldean heritage along with sizable numbers of Palestinian/Jordanian and Yemeni Americans.” (

“Arab Americans tend to be more educated then the general population, with 41% having graduated from college, compared to 24% of the general US population in 2000.” ( - Celebrating Arab American Heritage Month)