Employment Opportunities

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WORK STUDY - Social Media Coordinator

Multicultural Academic Student Services (MASS) is a comprehensive office, which provides academic, personal, social and cultural support to students. To empower and retain students, the office provides culturally relevant services through academic achievement, scholarship, cultural celebrations, mentoring, and intergroup dialogue which promotes the successful transition, persistence, achievement and graduation of students.

Multicultural Academic Student Services seeks to promote a campus community that fosters the holistic development of multicultural students by providing relevant services to support their academic pursuit, while expressing genuine care for their personal development and well-being, advocating on their behalf and encouraging the full use of all university resources.

The office maintains strong relationships with students, parents, alumni, faculty/staff as well as the community, while building support for the successful matriculation and retention of students.

The student social media coordinator will be responsible for leading the efforts of the MASS Office's social media channels.  This student will proactively work to support the programs and initiatives of the MASS office.

Supervision Received

The Social Media Coordinator is directly accountable to the MASS Director and indirectly accountable to the MASS professional staff.


  1. Demonstrated work experience with graphic design, photography and social media management
  2. Experience working with diverse student populations
  3. Must be an energetic, forward-thinking and creative individual with high ethical standards
  4. Effective communications skills (written and verbal)
  5. Must work well on teams and autonomously
  6. Strong organizational and time management skills
  7. Must be registered as a fulltime student 
  8. Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 or higher at the time of application and during the period of employment


  1. Independently lead social media efforts for the office (both posting content and interacting with responses)
  2. Daily management of all MASS social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
  3. Reviews and identifies successful aspects of social media management of other CMU departments and institutions and explore possibilities for implementation 
  4. Routinely meet with MASS professional staff and graduate assistant to gain content
  5. Create social media content in relation to office programs and initiatives
  6. Take pictures of MASS events (based on availability) 
  7. Assist in the efforts of creating a welcoming office environment where all students feel welcome
  8. Assist MASS graduate assistant in program advertising
  9. Other duties as assigned

Time Commitment 

Social Media Coordinators are required to provide 10 office hours per week in the MASS office performing duties assigned by the MASS professional staff. These hours include monitoring the MASS social media sites, replying to posts and keeping the sites current. Social Media Coordinators are also required to create graphics for cultural events and programs hosted by the MASS office, meeting strict deadlines.


  1. Employment is normally for the academic year; however, continued employment is subject to satisfactory performance. Individual evaluations of staff will be made during each semester by the Director of MASS. 
  2. Social Media Coordinators receive remuneration for the position in the form of minimum wage. 
  3. The MASS Office recognizes Social Media Coordinators as strong role models for all students. It is expected that staff members present a positive attitude and example with regard to responsible behavior.

Other duties as assigned. The MASS professional staff may discover needs during the course of the academic years that are not addressed in this job description.

To Apply: Email a resume, cover letter and Fall class schedule to Bree Ring, ring1bd@cmich.edu.