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The Meaning of Knowledge
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What is Knowledge:
Knowledge is the action and effect of knowing, that is, of acquiring valuable information to understand reality through reason, understanding and intelligence. It refers, then, to what results from a learning process.

Knowledge can be referred to in various ways. In its most general sense, the word knowledge refers to the accumulated information on a certain topic or subject. In a more specific sense, knowledge is defined as the set of abilities, skills, mental processes and information acquired by the individual, whose function is to help her interpret reality, solve problems and direct her behavior.

The word knowledge comes from the Latin cognoscere, formed by the prefix con, which means 'all' or 'together', and the word gnoscere.

As a phenomenon, knowledge has been studied since Classical Antiquity, and it is an important area within philosophical, psychological and scientific studies in general.

Characteristics and Properties of Knowledge:

  • Knowledge is always cultural, that is, it shapes culture.
  • Knowledge is usually capable of being expressed and transmitted through language.
  • In this sense, knowledge is codified, that is, it requires a code or language for its communication.
  • It guides the thinking, behavior and decision-making processes of human beings.
  • It is a complex phenomenon determined by biological, psychological and social variables.
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