Transfer Stu​dent Q & A


What courses will transfer to CMU?

To find out what courses will transfer to CMU, you can go to the following link and follow the instructions:  What​ will transfer?​

Do I have to stay on campus my first year as a transfer?

No, first-year transfer students do not have to stay in on-campus housing. 

Can transfer students live on campus?

Yes, transfer students have the option to live on campus if they wish. There is even a Residence Life Grant that awards $2,000 for up to two years for transfer students who wish to live in on-campus housing.

How do I know what classes to take?

Meet with the STEP Academic Advisor or refer to your bulletin to confirm  what classes you need to take as a transfer student.

How will my financial aid work or transfer now?

It will depend on whether or not you included Central Michigan University in your list of  colleges to attend when filling out your FAFSA. If you included CMU, then your financial  aid will transfer as is. If you did not include CMU, you must go back and include it on your FAFSA form.

Will credits I took in high school transfer also?

If you took college courses in high school, they may transfer to CMU, but not via your high school transcript. You will need to contact the college or university through which the course(s) was taken and have them send your transcripts to CMU.

Will my GPA transfer?

No, your GPA from the college you previously attended does not follow you to CMU. At CMU, your GPA will begin at 4.0.

Do I need to send transcripts from every school or just my last one?

You will need to send transcripts from every college or university you have attended in  the past. 

When and how do I register for classes?

To register for classes, you can log into using your global ID and  password. Once you are logged in, go to the clipboard icon at the top of the page, titled Course Search and Registration.

The timeframe during which you may register for classes depends on your class standing and the number of credits you have earned until that point. You may click on the following link for more information regarding registering for classes: Registering for Classes​.

My school doesn't grant the same number of credits per class like CMU. How do those classes transfer?

We always transfer in the credit hours earned at the other institution, regardless of how many credit hours the CMU course is.   Ex: If the course was 3 credit hours at Lansing Community College, we would transfer it in as 3 credit hours regardless if it was 3 or 4 here.

How do I apply for a transfer student scholarship?

The following links list CMU scholarships available to transfer students: Scholarships for Transfers & Transfer Student Scholarships​.

Is there a limit to the number of credits I can transfer?

No there is not, but if you are transferring less than 30 credits, you need to include  your high school transcripts along with your college transcripts. 

How can I contact someone in my major or study area?

The following link will provide contact information for all departments on campus, including academic program departments: CMU Departments and Offices. The STEP Academic Advisor will be able to help as well.

What grade do I need in order for a course to transfer?

The grade required for transfer credit is a C- or 1.70 on a numerical grading scale. Courses taken to fulfill CMU's competency requirements, Written English I and II, Oral English or Mathematics must be completed with a minimum grade of 2.00 or "C" to satisfy the competency. 

Does CMU accept credits from online college courses and online universities?

Yes, CMU does accept credits from online courses and online universities. However, transferability​ is determined on a class-by-class basis. It is possible that not all classes will transfer to CMU. 

What do I do once I've been accepted to CMU?

Go here for an enrollment checklist, and register for orientation using the "Transfer Program" link on the navigation pane to the right (or click this link​​).

How do I get involved on campus?

There are many ways to get involved on campus at CMU. Every fall semester, CMU hosts  an event called "MainStage" during which all Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) on campus come together to speak with any student looking to get involved. You may also want to visit Engage Central, which lists and provides information (including contact information) about all RSOs on campus, as well as some CMU offices like​ the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center, STEP, Multicultural Academic Student Success, LGBTQ Services, ​etc. 

Does CMU accept military credit?

Yes, but it varies by case. The Registrar's Office will review your Joint Service Transcripts for transfer credit and determine the transferability to CMU.

The Student Transition Enrichment Program (STEP) at Central Michigan University is a great place to continue your pursuit of a four-year degree. STEP reaches out to first generation and/or Pell eligible transfer students to help them navigate through the maze of  a four-year institution. The program is sponsored by the State of Michigan, Workforce Development Agency, and King Chavez Parks (KCP) Initiative.​​