Developing engaged, career-ready graduates

From the time you became a CMU student, you have been encouraged to get involved. You know it is a great way to meet new people with similar interests and to have something to put on your resume. But did you know that being involved helps develop important employability skills such as communication, leadership, team work and work ethic?

CMU Gold Path guides students to design their on-campus involvement and cocurricular experiences into skills and knowledge valuable to employers and grad schools.  Cocurricular experiences are where learning happens outside the classroom, often leading to developing skills such as leadership and teamwork.

CMU Gold Path lays a path for any CMU student – freshman through senior – to discover how doing what you love provides the learning opportunities that will help you develop skills employers desire in a college graduate!

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Access CMU Gold Path in Engage Central

CMU Gold Path is a feature in Engage Central for all student engagement opportunities at Central Michigan University. You will use this to find approved events, submit reflections and track progress for CMU Gold Path. All CMU students, faculty and staff have access with their CMU global ID and password.

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Why CMU Gold Path?

Through three phases of CMU Gold Path, you will design your well-rounded college experience while taking part in out-of-class opportunities that build important skill sets.

Get started on your Gold Path today!

  • 1. Get out there and EXPLORE.

    Students who are involved in on-campus activities and experiences manage their time better, get better grades, graduate sooner and have a well-rounded college experience. (There's research out there that proves this!)

  • 2. Get ENGAGE(D).

    By choosing meaningful cocurricular experiences through the Gold Path, you have the opportunity to learn more about your values and purpose, while developing your leadership style.

  • 3. APPLY these skills and experiences.

    Describe how being involved on campus has helped you grow into a more desirable candidate for a job or grad school. Sharing these unique, memorable examples will make interviews easier and set you apart from other candidates!