As employees, we are responsible for nurturing student success by providing courses, programs, cocurricular and extracurricular experiences. Each of these enhance the growth and development of our students into career-ready graduates who are engaged community citizens. We play an important role in promoting the interconnection of cocurricular and extracurricular experiences to what is learned in the classroom.

The CMU Gold Path guides students through a breadth of cocurricular and extracurricular experiences, and develops valuable skills such as leadership, problem-solving, and team work.

Cocurricular Experiences

Cocurricular experiences are extensions of a learning experience outside of a classroom such as Leadership Safari and Alternative Breaks.

Extracurricular Experiences

Extracurricular activities provide a valuable opportunity for students to build community, discover passions and have fun. They are not connected to a learning experience outside of a classroom, and include activities like a movie night or a social.

What you can do

Your students will look to you for recommendations for cocurricular and extracurricular activities that connect them to their interests and what they are learning.

  1. Encourage students to attend events on campus,
  2. Suggest students discover student organizations and causes they support or may find interesting,
  3. Reinforce students utilize Engage Central as a tool for finding on-campus events, student organizations and Gold Path.

Employers value cocurricular experiences. The Gold Path encourages students to get involved, track their out-of-classroom experiences, and reflect on how these experiences assist them in gaining employer desired skills like initiative, critical thinking and leadership.

Use Engage Central to gain visibility of your events

Engage Central provides offices, departments and student organizations a centralized calendar to post events open to the campus community. Once your event is entered into Engage Central, you can track attendance, get approved for Gold Path and more.

If you are an advisor to an organization added to Engage Central, please contact Dani Rossman at or at ext. 3016. All events must be tied to an organization listed in Engage Central before an event can be added to the calendar.

  1. Go to Engage Central at and login using your Global ID and password.
  2. Click on the “waffle” or the nine cubed square, in the upper right corner. Select “Manage.”
  3. Choose the name of the organization hosting your event.
  4. Click on the menu icon in the upper left corner.
  5. Click on “Events” and locate the “Create New Event” button to the right of your screen.
  6. Complete the empty fields with as much information as you can for your upcoming event. To have your event listed within Gold Path, select “Yes” to indicate whether it is cocurricular or extracurricular.

If you are a faculty or staff member trying to add an event to Engage Central that will count toward the CMU Gold Path and have questions, please reach out to Jennifer Drevon at