Welcome graduates of the LeaderShape Institute at Central Michigan University.

We believe there is value in providing opportunities for continued engagement for all associated with the LeaderShape Institute on our campus. The Day 7 program sequence serves to build upon the leadership development of all LeaderShape graduates and to bring further awareness of LeaderShape and values of the Institute to the broader community.

Monthly Day 7 Programming: #CentralDay7

·      To engage LeaderShape graduates, continue "vision work" and build community.

·      Fall: Sept. 7 (5-6pm), Oct. 7 (1-2pm), Nov. 7 (5-6pm), Dec. 7 (5-6pm)

·      Spring Dates: Jan. 7 (1-2pm), Feb. 7 (5-6pm), Mar. 7 (virtual- 1-2pm), Apr. 7 (1-2pm)

·      Implemented by LI staff and LeaderShape Student Board

Leadership Opportunities 

Click below to apply for these exciting ways to contribute to the LeaderShape mission at CMU: