Welcome graduates of the LeaderShape Institute at Central Michigan University.

We believe there is value in providing opportunities for continued engagement for all associated with the LeaderShape Institute on our campus. The Day 7 program sequence serves to build upon the leadership development of all LeaderShape graduates and to bring further awareness of LeaderShape and values of the Institute to the broader community.

Monthly Day 7 Programming: #CentralDay7

Friday, September 7 – LeaderShape Reunion & Social (6-8pm, Powers 136)

Opportunity to reunite with all the LeaderShape Alumni that remain on campus. A coke-a-cola

toast will be made at 7PM to commemorate the LeaderShape community on CMU’s campus!

Monday, October 8 – Day 7 Program (6-7PM in Powers 136)

The Student Advisory Board will organize an hour of engagement for all LeaderShape Alumni!

Wednesday, November 7 – Vision Development Workshop (7-8pm in Powers 136)

Wednesday, December 5 – Vision Development Workshop (5-6pm in Powers 136)

Participants will be provided a space, materials and resources to revisit, revise, or reimagine a

new vision! Participants will register for the Vision Showcase in December. If presenting at the

Vision Showcase, attendance is recommended at least once, although not required.

Friday, December 7 – Vision Symposium (6-8PM in the UC Terrace Rooms A-D)

All alumni are welcome to register their vision and attend the showcase! Campus professionals

and Cluster Facilitators will offer feedback based on the visions showcased.

Leadership Opportunities 

Click below to apply for these exciting ways to contribute to the LeaderShape mission at CMU: