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RISE is a new program offering from the Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute.  This retreat-style program will afford participants the opportunity to examine how leadership is experienced by leaders who are trans, who are non-binary, women leaders, and other genders that are underrepresented in leadership roles. Systems that oppress underrepresented genders will be explored. 

RISE is offered with support from the Central Michigan University Women and Gender Studies Program and the Collegiate Panhellenic Sorority Council

  • RISE Participants can expect:

    • To practice critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
    • Deepening understanding of gender and its intersections with race, culture, class, sexuality and other aspects of social identity
    • To discuss how their social identities are situated within power structures of privilege and oppression
    • To connect with a strong, supportive network of faculty, staff, alumni, and community mentors


RISE will be held on March 30th.  

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