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RISE is a new program offering from the Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute.  This retreat-style program will affort participants the opportunity to examine leadership experiences for leaders who are trans, who are non-binary, women leaders, and other genders that are underrepresented in leadership roles. 

RISE is offered with support from the Central Michigan Univeristy Women and Gender Studies Program and the Pan-Hellenic Council. 

RISE Participants can expect:

  • To practice critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills
  • Deepening understanding of gender and its intersections with race, culture, class, sexuality and other aspects of social identity
  • To discuss how their social identities are situated within power structures of privilege and oppression
  • To conenct with a strong, supportive network of aculty, staff, alumni, and community mentors


RISE will be held on March 30th.  Registration information will be available soon.