What is Leadership Safari?

Leadership Safari has been eloquently captured since 2011 very much due to the skillful eye of CMU and Leadership Safari alumn, Eric Kmetz. This page will be kept up to date with access to current photos, social media accounts and everything conference related. Please enjoy these past videos.

2013 Leadership Safari Conference Video

​MMXIV Leadership Safari Conference Video

2015 Leadership Safari Conference Video

How Does Leadership Safari Work? 
Each participant is assigned to a small group of approximately 10 students called the Safari team. This group is the center of all the action that takes place during the conference. A Safari Guide, who is an upper-class, CMU student leader, facilitates each group. The guide will help participants tie together what they learn throughout the Leadership Safari program. Transfer students are placed in teams composed of all transfer students.

Throughout the conference, participants will engage in discussions and activities on a wide array of topics ranging from leadership to being an active an involved community member. In addition to team gatherings and activities, Safari hosts a showcase of nationally renowned speakers.

Participants can also look forward to other activities built to familiarize students with the Central Michigan University campus while maximizing meeting the most amount of people as possible.