Dear CMU Faculty, Staff, and Administrators - 

Leadership Safari 2021 will be a three-day conference held August 25-27.  Pizza with the Professors is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, August 26.  

We hope to have additional details available soon.   


Description of the program: Leadership Safari is a new student transition conference, designed to assist new students in developing valuable leadership skills and perspectives. At the "Pizza with Professors and Professionals", we pair faculty, staff, and administrators with a Leadership Safari team for dinner and group discussion. It will give the students an opportunity to get to know more about CMU from your perspective, ask questions and spark some dialogue. It will also give you an opportunity to speak with the incoming students, see the Leadership Safari program from the inside and perhaps leave some lingering leadership tips to your group! 

What we're looking for: It doesn't matter from what department, or what job description you hold, if you can spare an hour of your time and wouldn't mind a free meal of pizza and salad, we'd love to have you! Research demonstrates the importance of building a campus environment where students can connect with faculty and staff. You are asked to be authentic and to represent the University with pride. You may not have all the answers, and modeling that is exactly what we need! Your insights, advice, and presence shows that you care about their success.