The Student Leadership Network (SLN) provides Central Michigan University's most experienced student leaders with sustained connection and leadership development. The SLN will focus on encouraging a broad representation of students across campus to meet monthly throughout the year to accomplish the following goals:

  • Foster greater communication and collaboration between various student communities
  • Identify and problem-solve around pressing issues facing our community
  • Apply advanced leadership theory through the Action Learning Model
  • Gain direct-line access to various campus leaders and decision-makers
  • Connect current work to professional development opportunities

Students will break out into smaller groups around pressing issues facing our campus and community and seek to develop ideas for solving the issue using the Action Learning Model.  Each small group will have a trained "Action Leadership Coach" (a Graduate-level staff member) who will assist students in taking their leadership learning to the next level

Fall 2018 Program Dates

SLN fall meeting dates will be available soon.  All sessions will be held in the Leadership Institute Conference Room, Powers Hall 136.  A lunch will be provided.

Action Learning

SLN employes Action Learning. The concept of Action Learning is defined as, "A dynamic process that involves a small group of people solving real organizational problems, while focusing on how their learning can benefit individuals, groups, and the larger organization. The emphasis on learning is what makes this process strategic rather than tactical in equipping leaders to more effectively respond to change." (Marquardt, Leonard, Feedman, & Hill, 2009) This program will engage you to actively learn about leadership while working toward a better community. 

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