To live, lead. 


The 2018 Central Michigan University LeaderShape Institute will be held May 7-12 at an off-campus conference venue in Albion, MI. 



Want to learn to change the world?  Apply to experience the LeaderShape Institute. 

To apply, visit the LeaderShape application website and create a profile. You will then be able to complete the application.

During the application, you will be asked to respond to the following short answer prompts:

  • Please describe your campus and community involvement, including a list of organizations, employers, volunteer commitments, and other experiences that shape your perspective.
  • How do you personally define integrity? Describe a situation when you have displayed integrity.
  • Describe a time when you created an inclusive environment, and how that affected the group dynamic.

We recommend that you respond to these questions first in a word document and then copy your responses to the application portal. You are able to save your application progress at any time during the application process by clicking the pause button.

Priority will be given to applications received by March 23, 2018. You will be contacted by the LeaderShape planning team about the status of your application in April.


There is a $25 registration fee for participants accepted for the LeaderShape Institute.  Applications will not be considered complete unless a payment method is selected. The payment options are: Sponsored by a CMU Department (please identify which department on the application), Student Account Charge (the $25 registration fee will appear on your June 2018 student account billing statement), Cash or Check (made payable Central Michigan University, must be delivered to Powers 100 prior to April 27th).

Students with demonstrated need are eligable for scholarships to attend. Contact Alex Kappus, Assistant Director of the Leadership Institute, at for more information.


Effective leadership produces results — exceptional improvements not only in companies and organizations, but also in communities, families, and groups. Wherever you are, there’s a need for you to lead.

The LeaderShape Institute is an intensive six-day program of dialogue and self-discovery in a supportive learning community. Participants were challenged to lead with integrity while developing a vision grounded in their deepest values. Students explore what they want to do and who they want to be.

The curriculum was created for individuals who are committed to taking their leadership to the next level and who want to make a significant impact on campus, in their communities, and in the world. We participate in large group activities, in small group exercises, in conversation with one another, in personal reflection. We set out to discover our most deeply held values and greatest passions and how they can come together to give our lives and work purpose. 

The LeaderShape Institute works to help participants achieve four primary outcomes:

  • To increase their commitment to acting consistently with core ethical values, personal values, and convictions
  • To increase their capability to develop relationships and increase their commitment to respecting the dignity and contribution of all people
  • To embrace the belief in a healthy disregard for the impossible
  • To develop the capability to produce extraordinary results