​​​​When is the application due?
The deadline to apply for the Leader Advancement Scholarship has been extended to January 15, 2022. 

I am not a Michigan resident, am I eligible to receive a Leader Advancement Scholarship?
Yes, any incoming freshmen with a 3.0 high school GPA is eligible for the award.

When are award winners notified?
Finalists for the Leader Advancement Scholarship will be notified in late January of their status as an award finalist and be invited to an on-campus interview.

What is the value of the Leader Advancement Scholarship?
The Leader Advancement scholarship is valued $2,000 annually, renewable for four years for a total value of $8,000. 

Can I combine the Leader Advancement Scholarship with other awards from Central Michigan University?
You may combine a Leader Advancement Scholarship with a Central Michigan University Maroon and Gold merit-based scholarships. This is in addition to any private scholarships you may receive. To learn more about other awards offered by Central Michigan University or how this award may affect your financial aid package visit the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

What are the renewal criteria for the LAS award?
A student's Leader Advancement Scholarship will be renewed each semester that they complete the required protocol and maintain a cumulative grade point average at or above 2.75.

What do you look for on the Leader Advancement Scholarship application?
The Leader Advancement Scholarship is unique in that standardized test scores and academic marks are not considered when awarding the scholarship. The selection committee is seeking individuals who have the capacity to become Michigan's next generation of leaders as demonstrated in the extent, variety, and depth of a student's involvement, service, employment, and other endeavors.

Is there a requirement for Leader Advancement Scholarship recipients to live in a specified residence hall?
Yes. Students selected to receive a Leader Advancement Scholarship will live together in Calkins Hall, the Leadership Residence Hall, during their freshmen year. During their sophomore year Leader Advancement Scholars may select any of CMU's residence halls.

Can I live with a roommate of my choice?
The Office of Residence Life will attempt to honor all roommate requests, however, we cannot guarantee roommates.

Will participating in the Leader Advancement Scholarship program interfere with my academics? Will it take me longer to graduate?
No. All Leader Advancement Scholarship recipients will complete specified courses together as a cohort. These courses fulfill general education requirements which allow the student to make progress on any CMU degree and do not constitute additional course work for the student.

Do I need to major or minor in Leadership?
No. Leader Advancement Scholars select any major and minor that they like. The Leader Advancement Scholarship academic protocol compliments any CMU degree.

Can I minor in Leadership?
Absolutely. The academic component of the Leader Advancement Protocol aligns very well with Central Michigan University's Leadership Minor, at the completion of the LAS program a student will earn a leadership minor.

What is expected of a Leader Advancement Scholar?
Leader Advancement Scholars will become leaders on the campus of Central Michigan University. Leadership Scholars will earn a grade point average of at least a 2.75 and actively participate in the Leader Advancement Protocol and campus and community projects.

Are Leader Advancement Scholarship recipients required to participate in Leadership Safari or Leadership Camp?

While attendance at these programs is optional, they represent a true opportunity to enhance your leadership skills and meet your cohort.

Can I be involved outside of LAS and the Leadership Institute?
Absolutely. In fact, all Leader Advancement Scholars join groups outside of the Leadership Institute, such as the Student Government Association, Volunteer Center, Program Board, or become a Resident Assistant.

Additional questions:
For additional information regarding the Leader Advancement Scholarship please call the Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute at (989) 774-LEAD (5323) or email us at cmulead@cmich.edu.