‚ÄčElle Sawyer

Mentor:  Dr. Tracy Galarowicz

Rusty Crayfish and the Impacts of Different Stimuli on their Capture 
Rusty Crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) are invasive species in the Great Lakes. They create issues in the ecosystems of which they thrive as well as the complications in the Great Lakes economy. Biodiversity decreases as Rusty Crayfish spread through the area causing impacts on commercial fishing and recreation. There has been a decline of native crayfish and native fish due to these invaders which lowers biodiversity and disrupts food webs. Our experiment examined different stimuli on Rusty Crayfish and how it influences their behavior. This knowledge will further expand our trapping methods. We plan to implement the results in field studies to increase the amount of Rusty Crayfish captured. The experiment will help us refine our goal of reducing Rusty Crayfish in the Great Lakes region.