CMYou Peer Mentor Program

​CMYou is a peer-based mentoring program focused on helping new students create the connections they need to succeed. Participating students - both mentors and mentees - complete a personal development curriculum to both refine and further their unique goals 

Create YOUR OWN experience!

Each individual is unique. Embrace it!  The CMYou program will allow you to explore your passions, strengths and interests and then, help you make future decisions to achieve the best experience possible at Central Michigan University!


CMYou Works!

  • Students who have good mentors are more likely to remain in school until graduation, and are also more successful...and CMYou Mentors are really, really good!
  • CMYou mentors help reduce the stress and uncertainty of joining a new community.
  • Students who work with CMYou mentors have a better understanding of campus, processes, resources and opportunities.

Become a CMYou Mentor!

We are on the prowl for passionate individuals who (1) really enjoy getting to know others, (2) have a nack for making others feel welcomed and valued, (3) take initiative, and (4) gain energy from being with or talking with others. Does this sound like you? If so, click h​ere for more information and the application.

Want to learn more?

Contact Ryan Mulka​​, CMYou Program Coordinator. 


Office of Student Success

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