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Bachelor of Science - Social Science (Central Michigan University)

Favorite things about CMU

  • The school spirit. Fire up Chips!
  • Football games.​
  • CMU is a large university with a small campus feel. ​

Key CMU resources to utilize

  • Registered Student Organization. This is the best way to get involved on campus. CMU offers over 400 student organizations, so go get involved!
  • Career Services. Whether you are getting ready to start your career, an internship, or brush up on your professional skills, Career Services can assist you with this. Career Services provides one-on-one help to all current students and alumni. ​
  • The Library. Some students call it their second home, because it has so much to offer. The Library offers a place to study, private rooms for group work, and just a quiet space for students. CMU also offers Global Campus Library Services​ which allows off-campus students to use the library as a resource as well. ​

Tips for success

  • Get involved on campus and network with other people.​
  • Make progress towards your goal every single day.  ​
  • If you want to be successful, find a way. If you can't, then make one.