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Carey, Campbell, Cobb, Kesseler, Kulhavi, Troutman and Wheeler halls​)
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Bachelor of Social Work - Social Work (Central Michigan University)

Favorite things about CMU

  • The Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center.
  • The numerous ways to get involved through registered student organizations, clubs, working with professors, sports, theater, music, and residence life.
  • Fabiano Botanical Gardens – a beautiful place to sit, reflect, and study for class​.

Key CMU resources to utilize

  • Tutoring Services​. ​​​​​​​Tutoring is offered free to all undergraduate CMU students enrolled in undergraduate on-campus classes​. CMU will pay up to 3 hours each week for tutoring sessions. In addition, there are walk-in tutoring services for all different subjects. Take advantage of these essential resources!
  • Counseling Center. Provides qualified and certified staff who enable students to develop skills, attitudes and behaviors that are essential to personal growth, successful academic progress, and student effectiveness. They provide 1-on-1 counseling and support groups to help with life’s changes and trials.
  • Student Service Court​. Conveniently houses many different services, such as assistance for scholarships and financial aid, enrollment, and billing and account questions. Knowledgeable advisors are available for walk-ins to provide answers and support.
Tips for success

  • Create specific and measurable goals with practical steps to work toward them. Turn them into a vision board for inspiration, and keep them in sight often.
  • ​Make the most of your time at CMU – take risks, try something new, get to know your classmates and your professors.
  • Take care of yourself – find what works for you to remain healthy in all areas of your life (e.g., exercise, getting adequate rest, healthy relationships).​​