South Community (Beddow, Merrill, Sweeney and Thorpe halls)
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Bachelor of Arts - Interpersonal Communication & Public Relations (Michigan State University)

Favorite things about CMU

  • Leadership Safari. Hands down the best introduction to college life for incoming freshman and transfer students in the country!
  • Caring administrators and faculty. We are a community of professionals who prioritize students and work hard to create an environment that supports student achievement.
  • STUDENTS! Love the energy and diversity that is added to Mt. Pleasant with each incoming class!

Key CMU resources to utilize

  • Success Coaching. CMU offers free life coaching for students, that tops the list!
  • Career Services. Assessments and coaches that link your strengths and gifting to majors and careers!
  • Writing Center​. Three locations on campus to support any writing, any level and any discipline!

Tips for success

  • ​Make your academics a priority; everything else needs to fall in line behind your studies.
  • Find your voice and advocate for yourself with faculty and professors. Utilize office hours to develop important relationships, share your goals and ask for strategies for success in each of your classes.
  • Organize your busy schedule with a planner, complete with major assignments and a daily to-do list to keep you moving forward each day.​