Success Coaching is an exploration and discovery process that enables you to see yourself from a fresh perspective. Just like a coach in any sport, CMU Success Coaches help you perform to the best of your ability. Together with your coach, you will work to attain the highest standards of academic excellence.

Through the coaching process, you develop a plan of action to optimize your personal and academic performance. You'll learn life-long strategies and techniques to take the steps necessary to turn your hopes and dreams into accomplishments.


Who utilizes coaching services?

Coaching is available to any CMU student and research shows that the most successful students utilize services like coaching; the most successful CMU students realize early that asking for, and taking advantage of, help is a mark of intelligence and NOT an indicator of weakness.


Frequent Coaching Themes

Academic PlanningFinancial Planning
Development of Study PlansGoal-Setting & Action Planning
Effective Note-takingMemory Enhancement
Effective ReadingTime Management
Exam Anxiety & PreparationTransition to College Life & Learning


What is it like to meet with a coach?

While coaching sessions are unique, you will likely meet three or more times each semester. Each meeting will have a different focus and last from 30 minutes to an hour (on average), depending on the topic. Sessions develop, or build upon, personalized plans over time. Initially, your session might focus on the exploration or refinement of goals. In another session, you might create or update progress on specific action plans. The focus in every session is on your goals, an honest review of progress, frank feedback, and the identification of "next steps."


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