Success Resources

FYI Resource Sheets

These one-page resources provide helpful information about CMU services and strategies to aid academic success.

FYI - Campus Resources.pdf
FYI - Adjusting To College Life.pdf
FYI - Budgeting Money.pdf
FYI - Get Organized.pdf
FYI - Goal Setting Exercise.pdf
FYI - Learning Styles.pdf
FYI - Long-Term Goals.pdf
FYI - Managing Priorities.pdf
FYI - Note-Taking.pdf
FYI - Overcoming Procrastination.pdf
FYI - Test Taking.pdf
GPA Calculator

How might a grade in one class or a few impact your college GPA? Click here to access an online GPA calculator that will allow you to explore various options.


MAP-Works (Making Achievement Possible) is an online student success system that combines institutional data, student feedback and best practice resources to help students throughout their first year at CMU. All first-time and new transfer students benefit from individualized resources, recommendations and support services. 


StrengthsQuest is an assessment utilized by students interested in gaining insight about their signature strengths and leveraging this knowledge to achieve academic, career, and personal success. To meet with a CMU Success Coach and make arrangements to complete the assessment and process the results, click here

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