Success Advocates
Success Advocates collaborate with and provide support to Success Coaches through intentional outreach to their peers. They create and assist in events to help CMU students feel connected to campus, find their place of belonging and learn about support services and strategies.

Rachel Bennick

Hometown: Holt, MI
Majors: History and Political Science

Coaching offers students a genuine connection with a professional that cares about and values you for more than your academics but as an individual.

Kendall Bragg-successadvocate.jpg
Kendall Bragg

Hometown: Flint, MI
Majors: Exercise Science-Kinesiology

I would recommend coaching to students because college can be a difficult transition, so knowing that you have someone available to ensure your success here at Central can make that transition a little easier.

Nyah Hodges

Hometown: Detroit, MI
Majors: Integrative Public Relations

Coaching allows students to find a specific way of handling college through a plan that’s created for their individual needs. The coaches are here to help students when they may not know they need help.​