College of Health Professions
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Master of Arts in Counseling (Central Michigan University​)​ in progress
Bachelor of Arts - Psychology (Olivet College)
Associates of Liberal Arts - Early Childhood Education (Coastal Carolina Community College)

Favorite things about CMU

  • ​Basketball games; so much energy and fun with both students and the community.
  • Our beautiful campus; perfect for walks and experiencing every season.
  • Being part of a community; CMU has really become a home and there isn’t a day that I travel campus where I don’t see a friendly face that I know.

Key CMU resources to utilize

  • ​Career Services​. What a rich resource! This is not just for students wondering what to major in. Need help with a resume or getting prepared for an interview? They can help!
  • Tutoring. This is a free service that provides 1:1 academic support. What could be better than that? The biggest thing I see is students waiting to get a tutor until something goes wrong. Don’t wait! Get a tutor to start off strong and even if you’re doing okay, you have that set up and already in your back pocket to utilize. 
  • Volunteer Center. The opportunities through this resource not only provide a vast number of ways to give back, but they also provide insight to where your passions may be and even what you might want to major in. Get involved while doing some good in the world!

Tips for success

  • ​Use a calendar of any kind. Whether it’s a planner, a desk calendar, anything. So many students think they don’t have time to get everything they need to, done – but a calendar helps you to visualize the time you could be better utilizing.
  • Meet with your professors early and often. They are one of your very best resources, not only for academic support but also for your future. They can serve as valuable lifelong connections even when you leave CMU.
  • Believe you can do it. It sounds silly, but believing in your ability plays a large role in your ability to try, sometimes fail, and learn from every experience that you have. Don’t stop – keep going!