Alumni Student Updates

​Here are some updates from our Upward Bound Alumni!


Future Goal:
Broadcast Journalist
Name: Jaminque Adams
College: Spelman College
Major: English
High School: Detroit International Academy, 2012

 During my tenure at Detroit International Academy, I participated as a member of the Central Michigan University Upward Bound Program. To say the least, this was one of the best decisions of my life! As a member of the Upward Bound Program, I developed a passion for pursuing higher education and serving others. With efforts to pursue higher education, I have been named a Bill and Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar of the cohort 2012. Without a doubt, I accredit a majority of my academic success to the Upward Bound Program. Certainly, this program has contributed significantly to molding the strong, risk taking, knowledge seeking woman I am today.

Currently, I am a sophomore English major with a Writing minor at Spelman College.  While at Spelman, I have dedicated most of my spare time to active engagement on campus and service to others. To date, I proudly serve as the Vice President of the Gates Scholar Campus Based Organization. I am also a Student Ambassador and a member of Girls Going Global-- an organization geared toward promoting abroad travel experiences for young girls across America. This upcoming summer, I have plans to study abroad in Montpellier, France. As an aspiring broadcast journalist, I have been working toward expanding my knowledge and broadening my experiences in effort to take on the role as a conscious global citizen.

Future Goal: Master of Higher Education Administration
Name: Whitney Thomas
College: Central Michigan University
Major: Early Childhood Development in Learning
High School: Detroit International Academy

 I am from Detroit Michigan. I have three younger sisters and a mom and dad who I love dearly.  I am a Central Michigan University student. At CMU, I am on the executive board of The Association for the Education of Young Children. This organization stems from the National Association for the Education of Young Children which I am also a member of.  I will be graduating with a bachelor of science in early childhood development in learning. I plan on pursing a masters degree in higher education administration at Central Michigan University.  After, I have high hopes of obtaining a doctoral degree. Education never stops for me!

Previous Degrees: BAA concentrating on Art, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship, 2010 from Central Michigan University

Once Alone in a Crowded Room by Fatima Larean, 2010

Name: Fatima Sylvertooth
College: Central Michigan University
Major: Master of International Administration
High School
: Detroit Northern High School, 2003

Upward Bound Participation:
UB has prepared me for college in many ways. In high school I had a very hard time coping with my mother's illness and my sophomore year of college she died. I was not the greatest kid to always get along with but the UB staff never gave up on me. They listened when I needed to talk, they pushed me when I had no motivation, they encouraged when I didn't believe I could do it. Overall, I couldn't have made it to college without UB and I wouldn't have made it though college without the continued support and words of wisdom they taught me. Now I'm going for my Master's and UB still offers support and encouragement to me. It's 13 years later or so and I still keep in contact with the mentors I've had through the program and the Director of the program. UB changed my life. My life should have or would have took a different turn because of several things I've faced as a kid and things and people I was involved with but UB provided the positive mentors I needed to choose a different route. Now I dedicate my life to being the person who makes an impact as part of the investment others sown into me.


I graduated with my bachelors from CMU in 2010 with a BAA concentrating on Art, Psychology, and Entrepreneurship. Also in 2010, I published my first book called Once Alone in a Crowded Room by Fatima Larean. After graduation I went on my first short term mission trip to Uganda for two weeks. I went to Bible college from 2010-2012 participating in school of Discipleship and school of Ministry. After graduation I was considered a missionary with Heart Cry International and traveled back to Uganda to live for three months.

I started my Master's Program in International Administration in August 2013 with the goal of completing it in May 2015. June 2014 I will be traveling leading a group of youth on a mission trip to Guatemala where we will minister, feed the hungry, and I will be teaching bible classes etc. In my masters program I will be doing Study Abroad as well. I would like to one day travel the entire world. I am currently taking care of a couple in the form of home health care and also working at New Hope Youth and Family Services while going for my Masters!. New Hope is a residential home for juvenile justice girls. I love my job! My current GPA is 3.5.  I have a heart to mentor the next generation, feed the hungry, travel the world, and make a difference somehow.

Name: Jeremy Leander Laird
College: Central Michigan University
Major: Computer Engineering
High School: Frederick Douglas Academy, 2013

 I was in Upward Bound since I was a freshman and they helped me get to where I am today. Right now I am in my second semester of my first year in college and I plan on majoring in computer engineering and maybe a minor in computer science. I am currently involved on campus working as a technician for the school. Upward Bound helped me by giving me tutoring sessions when I needed them and helping me get scholarships to pay my way through college.