As a supporter with a student off at college, naturally, you're going to have a lot of questions. That's where we come in! You might be able to find the answer to your question below by looking through questions frequently asked by other supporters in the same boat. If not, feel free to reach out to us on the 'Contact Information' page.

Incoming students

The best opportunity for a student to see a similar residence hall to their own would be during Academic Orientation. Showrooms are setup in Woldt Hall and in the Towers Community. However, other residence halls are not available for viewing as they are occupied by summer camps and conference operations.
Students can move in depending on what type of involvements they have at the beginning of the semester.
  • Students who participate in Marching Band or on a CMU athletic team may have an option to move in early, would be dependent on their coach/directors jurisdiction.
  • Your student's room contains the following: 
    • Individual desk and desk chair (one per resident) 
    • Single beds (one per resident) 
    • Extra- long mattress 36 x 80 (one per resident) 
    • Ethernet hook-up (one per resident) 
    • Cable hook-up (one per room) 
    • Telephone (one per room) 
    • Shower curtain (one per room) 
    • Dresser (two per room) 
    • Curtains on windows 
    The beds in the Towers Community (Carey, Troutman, Cobb, Wheeler, Kulhavi, Kessler, and Campbell) are already bunked. Students in other halls may bunk their beds.
    Lofts are permitted in residence halls, excluding Campbell, Carey, Celani, Cobb, Fabiano, Kessler, Kulhavi, Robinson, Troutman, or Wheeler. 

    Lofts must conform to residence hall specifications outlined on the  Office of Residence Life website. Note: The university does not store lofts, so they must be removed at the end of the academic year. For interested students, CMU offers rentable lofts through Bedloft.
    The Resident Assistant (RA) at CMU is an upper-class student who lives on the floor/apartment community to serve as the primary resource for building community and fostering student learning and growth. The objectives of the RA position include:
    • building a positive community on their floor and within the building;
    • assisting residents with both personal and academic concerns;
    • helping residents connect with each other and CMU;
    • being an educator by promoting and supporting intentional learning through our residential curriculum,
    • knowledge of and upholding university policy, and
    • serving as a resource and/or liaison for the university.

    The Inclusion Assistant (IA) at CMU is an upper-class student who lives in the residence hall and serves as a primary resource for information and assistance on a building wide basis, fostering student learning and growth. The IA position was developed foremost to be a source of support for students of color and other minority orientations. The IA also serves as a catalyst for building a positive community and global awareness in the residence hall by:
    • assisting residents with both personal and academic concerns;
    • helping residents connect with each other;
    • being an educator by promoting and supporting intentional learning through our residential curriculum;
    • knowledge of an upholding university policy; and
    • serving as a resource and/or liaison for the university.
    New students who have paid their Enrollment Reservation Fee will be able to start the residence hall assignment process beginning in December. Students will complete this process in mid-May and be given their hall assignments. Roommate assignments will be done the first week of August.
    All students are given a roommate negotiation handbook to fill out their agreed upon rules for their room at the beginning of the year. Their RA will meet with them and facilitate this discussion. If students experience problems, they are encouraged to meet with their RA to revisit the negotiation handbook. Should the situation need further assistance, their Residence Hall Director can help resolve the situation. However, if all else fails, room changes can be arranged.

    Continuing students

    With over 350 student organizations, CMU students can get involved from their first day on campus. Students can also organize new groups that fit their own interests. Many activities on campus include concerts, performing arts, theatre, nationally renowned speakers, athletic competitions, comedians and much more. Visit the  Office of Student Activities and Involvement.
    A student can grant third party access to their account by authorizing a payer. To set up an authorized payer your student must:
    1. Log into with their Global ID and password 
    2. Click on the number below account balance to access QuikPAY, CMU's online billing site  
    3. On the left, click on "authorize payers" 
    4. Click "add new"
    Due to the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), we are not able to give parents and family members access to student grades. We encourage you to discuss seeing your student's grades with them each semester.
    There are a number of fine hotel accommodations in the Mt. Pleasant area. You access a complete list by reviewing the  Parent & Family Guidebook.
    Family Day is a football outing planned for parents and students on a Saturday in October. The exact date will be given out during campus Academic Orientation. To purchase tickets, call Ticket Central at 989-774-3045.
    CMU has several resources available to students experiencing increased levels of stress.
    • At the Counseling Center students can receive assistance from licensed mental health professionals. These professionals can offer short-term individual and group counseling, consultation, and referrals. The Counseling Center is located in Foust Hall and can be reached at 989-774-3381.
    • Students may also visit with a Care Advocate (CA). CAs have offices conveniently located in each area of campus in the residence halls. Students may visit the Success Center in their residence hall area to schedule an appointment.
    • Students may also meet with a Success Coach. Success Coaches are trained professionals that can help students explore the a wide-range of topics including: time management, study skills, test preparation, financial planning, academic resources, campus involvement, effective notetaking and reading, and goal setting and action planning. They can schedule an appointment with a Success Coach by visiting the Success Center in their residence hall area or call 989-774-3401.
    We encourage undecided students to:
    • Explore majors by taking introductory classes in that major.
    • Meet with faculty advisors to discuss majors and minor options.
    • Connect with the Career Development Center, as they are career professionals can provide individual assistance and suggest exploration and career-based activities to help students focus on major and career choices. Visit the  Career Development Center website or call 989-774-3068 for an appointment.
    • Take the class CED 101: Career and Self-Exploration, a class that prepares students with self-awareness, career awareness, and academic awareness skills leading to career development.
    Studying abroad can broaden a student's horizon, expose them to another culture, develop friendships, and have travel opportunities, not to mention how good study abroad looks on a resume. CMU offers more than 150 study sites in more than 40 countries, many with available scholarships. Appointments can be made on the  Study Abroad website. Parents and family members are welcome to come to the appointment with their son or daughter.
    Student Employment Services (SES) can help! Located in lower level of the Bovee University Center, SES can help assist students find on-and off campus employment opportunities. College work study, general student assistance and community job postings are also available online.
    The financial aid office is currently using an online scholarship portal through Academic Works. There are also many departmental scholarships available on the  Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid webpage.

    Graduating students

    Due to limited space, each graduating student is allotted four tickets to graduation. Students can call Ticket Central at 989-774-3045 and have the tickets mailed or arrange to be picked up.