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Now that your student is settled in and becoming accustomed to life as a college student, they can really hit the ground running! This is when your student can take advantage of all the academic and extracurricular opportunities to campus has to offer. From taking key leadership roles to working a campus job to gaining research opportunities in their field of interest, this is the time when your student's college experience can really take off.

Tips for supporters

    Encourage your student to meet with their advisor on a regular basis. This is the time your student should be seriously considering their major. It's about this time they will be assigned a college advisor in their program of study to help navigate signing an official major. This is a great connection for them to make and continue throughout their time at CMU.
    Encourage your student to get diverse college experiences to add to their resume. Meet with the Career Development Center to talk a bit more to identify part-time or summer employment, volunteer work, or internships in their area of interest. This also includes thinking about Study Abroad experiences during the summer or during their junior year. All of these experiences will help your student out when they go to build their resume for that first professional position in a few short years!
    Talk with students about their next step. Discuss potential career goals and potential plans for the future. They should also take advantage of resources on campus to help them prepare for the career search, such as mock interviews, resume building and career fairs.
Still interested in educating yourself more about your student's experience? Review our Frequently Asked Questions page.