GEAR UP Summer Adventure 2017



GEAR UP SUMMER ADVENTURE 2017 -  (On Campus Experience June 18-30 & Travel    July 9 -13) 

Every year CMU's GEAR UP program hosts a summer on-campus experience which culminates with a week of travel for its GEAR UP's students. During this year's GEAR UP Summer Adventure (GUSA) CMU will host any MI GEAR UP student who is accepted and plans to attend CMU in the fall.
If you are a institutional representative or parent of a GEAR UP student(s) or a GEAR UP student  who is planning to attend CMU in the fall, please share the save the date for our GEAR UP Summer Adventure program. This year’s GEAR UP Summer Adventure program is designed to prepare GEAR UP students who are incoming CMU freshmen for a successful academic career at CMU.
Please click the title below that applies to you to complete our GEAR UP Summer Adventure interest form.