What is GEAR UP/ College Day?


GEAR UP -- Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GU/CD)

GEAR UP was established by the 1998 amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965 to serve the needs of the nation's low-income and most educationally disadvantaged students. The program is administered and funded by the U.S. Department of Education and the Martin Luther King*César Chávez*Rosa Parks (KCP) Initiative. The state-funded program is administered by Michigan's 15 public universities by the Michigan Department of Energy Labor & Economic Growth, Bureau of Workforce Transformation, and Division of Lifelong Learning. GEAR UP supports students along the academic pipeline beginning in 7th grade with college preparation.
The GEAR UP/College Day Program Mission:
The mission of the GEAR UP program is to significantly increase the number of low-income students who are prepared to enter and succeed in post secondary education. This is done by promoting academic excellence through a variety of locally designed and innovative early intervention services. It prepares our future workforce for jobs in Michigan's rapidly diversifying economy essential to the state's economic viability and competitiveness in a knowledge-based, global economy. It reduces the number of individuals requiring remediation and the cost of re-training high school graduates for new jobs. GEAR UP increases students' proficiency in math, science, reading, and technology to better prepare students for college and the workplace.
GEAR UP Grant for Michigan:
In 2006 Governor Granholm announced that Michigan was awarded a six-year GEAR UP grant from the U.S. Department of Education. The award is matched 100 percent through the State of Michigan College Day appropriations, institution funds, the Michigan Department of Treasury, the University of Michigan School of Social Work, and EduGuide. Part of the GEAR UP award is placed in a GEAR UP Scholarship fund administered by the Michigan Department of Treasury, which annually dedicates scholarship funds for awarded students.
GEAR UP Workshops 
The Difference in GEAR UP/ College Day:
GEAR UP differs from other access programs by raising academic aspiration of entire grade level cohorts of low-income students, not just selected individuals. Furthermore the GEAR UP Program is cultivating motivation, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed in college--regardless of students' economic conditions.
  • By serving the education needs of low-income families through academic and college counseling and parent involvement programs that involve families in the education process.
  • Increasing awareness among parents, students, and educators of financial aid programs available, and providing scholarships for university and college study.
  • By helping schools provide better instruction in the classroom to improve student achievement and academic performance as well as promoting the importance of college success
  • By helping Michigan transform the relationship of university and K-12 public schools faculty, and providing opportunities to develop closer working relationships with colleagues.
GEAR UP Today:
Today the GEAR UP/College Day Program serves over 10,000 students in 37 targeted school districts and 57 individual high schools throughout the state of Michigan. Services provided to these students include academic advising, development of Educational Development Plans, after-school tutoring, mentoring, career and college preparation assistance, and financial aid workshops. In addition, the Michigan GU/CD Program is guided by an advisory team that is represented by each of the 15 public university partners, parents, and students as well as leading multi-disciplinary experts in the field.

Dr. Benjamin Carson visits CMU/GEAR UP/College Day