CMU and You Day 2013


CMU and You Day is a day specifically designed to showcase Central Michigan University to high school students. On September 7, 2013, CMU MI GEAR UP brought 48 of their 9th grade cohort to participate in CMU and You Day. The day consisted of lunch in the RFoC residential cafeteria, a campus tour throughtout the university, a diversity workshop and a Central Michigan football game.  About 20 CMU volunteers who all were College Positive Volunteer trained helped shaperone and facilitate workshops during the day. The workshops were designed to help students learn about stereotypes, cliques and how to avoid those type of situations. The day concluded with a rainy, muggy and exciting football game where Central Michigan hosted New Hampshire. The game was won by CMU on a last second field goal kick as CMU prevailed 24-21!

Special thanks to all CMU staff, volunteers, students and participants who helped make this event successful and a wonderful experience.