Benefits of Pathways

No one can tell you about the benefits of the Pathways program better than the students themselves. Therefore, this page is dedicated to the Pathways students' feedback regarding the benefits of the Program.

"I joined Pathways because the program could help point me in the direction to stay focused and graduate through my years here at Central Michigan University."

"Pathways has helped me correct my study plans, create a schedule on what I am supposed to do on a daily basis, taught me how to talk to my professors, and help me find all kinds of academic related help that I need."

"I was struggling … to keep up with the numerous amounts assignments … I had to do, … it kind of helped me…be more realistic on how to accomplish a task."

"I really appreciate the mentoring program. It helps out a lot. We explore campus, do fun activities, visit the library, have study time, and interact with one another."